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Airport Minibus Hire Edinburgh

Local Minibuses and Coach Hire has designed its Minibuses Edinburgh service with a focus on style, comfort and safety that will give the highest value for money to those people who want to travel by road in a rented minibus. Our minibus services are available across Edinburgh. When you are hiring a minibus for travelling purpose it has always been a complex procedure because you have to consider a long list of factors. It includes minibus size, the number of passengers travelling and lastly, the cost of the service. Our services are known for high-quality and reliability.

We possess a fleet of minibuses for customers to choose from that suits their needs and requirements. All of our vehicles are certified and meet the highest quality standards and even maintenance. To ensure our customers get the highest standard service, all of our minibuses are available in unique styles and different sizes ranging from 8-16 seaters

We only hire those individuals that are highly qualified and experienced who understand and respect their work. Also, our drivers possess great mechanical understanding, well-mannered, and satisfy all legal requirements. When you have decided the type of minibus you want, simply ask for a minibus with a driver for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, all of our vehicles are fitted with modern technologies like GPS-tracking and other Geo-locating systems. These are important in helping us locate the vehicle and reach at your location with ease in case you are faced with difficulties.

Minibus Hire Edinburgh Airport Transportation

Getting a taxi from the airport can become too much overwhelming. Or you have to wait in line for public transportation. Our customers benefit from punctual airport transfers, assistance with their luggage and reliable service throughout their holiday.

Take A Tour

If you are visiting Edinburgh for the first time, then you might enjoy taking the tour of the city. Our chauffeurs can guide you properly. They will tell you about some of the important landmarks to give you an idea of where you should visit during your trip. Also, our guided tours offer a bit of historical insight, so it will be an educational experience for you.

Short And Long Term Minibus Hire Edinburgh

Some companies will be in Edinburgh for an extended period of time. When you have a company based there, it is beneficial to hire one of our buses. It will come with numerous advantages. We are able to handle all the maintenance issues free of charge. Our customers also enjoy our 24/7 emergency services.

Anything else to consider is that with a short-time minibus hire Edinburgh; you can easily switch a smaller or large model as your requirements change. In case you had been committed to buying a vehicle, you'll be stuck with it in case your company expanded or otherwise you needed to downsize a few employees. You can additionally also enjoy the tax benefits. If you buy a minibus, you will be accountable for a substantial property tax on the full price of the minibus. However, by renting our minibus, you are only charged for the price of the rental agreement.

24/7 Service Minibus And Coach Hire

At Local Minibuses and Coach Hire, we know that your travel needs do not end during the day. If you wish to see some of the nightlife scenes in Edinburgh, our minibus will be there to escort you.

We Accommodate Everyone

We apprehend that there are a number of special individuals who have special travel needs, which includes the disabled, kids, and the elderly. Our chauffeurs are skilled to handle each person with sensitivity and respect.

Consider for a moment the benefit that our service could have transporting kids. When you have a big group of kids, who are going on numerous school trips, taking them might be irritating. Something similar might be said in case you are transporting citizens of a nursing home. Rather than learning of a way to accommodate them, give the burden to our chauffeurs.

What we offer you from Minibuses Edinburgh?

A professional and reliable Minibus Hire Solihull Edinburgh.
Guaranteed competitive prices on our services.
We provide our service across Edinburgh and beyond.
Our vehicles can easily accommodate 8 passengers to 49 passengers.
All of our drivers are fully qualified, insured and experience.
To rent any of our minibuses Edinburgh, simply fill out the booking form. The information we need is:

1. The date and time of your pick up or drop off
2. Where you need to be picked up from
3. Where you want to be taken to
4. Your contact information
5. How many passengers we will be accompanying you

We additionally offer return trips, so if you would like to be picked up at a later time, we can do it for you. We accept of all sorts payments here at Local Minibuses and Coach Hire and are proud to say we offer the cheapest charges in Edinburgh as compared to different minibus rent and coach hire services. Allow minibuses Edinburgh take you where you want to be.


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